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Ungelsheimification. Once again we didn't make it, but we're not giving up, mothafucka!

we failed
we failed — Bild von www_slon_pics (Pixabay)
oh no!

The fight for attention is a constant up and down of perceived progress and tangible setbacks.

Our last clever(1) marketing campaign did not stand up to the Argus eyes of the strict and moral people from Menlo Park in California (Fucki-Bucki headquarters).

Is this now this "Californication "? Should we really all examine and pose around in the shade at 45 degrees in a high-necked pose?
The answer is: No.

And what does Californication actually mean?

Well, not what you Germen and Gerwomen(2) think - "californization" does not mean the spreading of Californian values.
In reality, that hit by the Red Hot Chili Peppers is a word composition based on the word "fornication", which means something like fornication (ok - this explanation makes not too much sense in English translated version of this blog) . Actually, this is clear, even if you understand the grubby text in the verses. But back then, around 1999, many listeners rather perceived the ear-wormlike guitar strumming than the deep and true meaning of the lyrics.
So: in the end it's all about dirt and how to make money with it. Ungelsheimification, so to speak. but who do I tell?


(1)ok, it was a little transparent, but to juxtapose art and porn for promotional purposes is both an art and a common marketing tool, or?

(2) Basically I try to use gender-neutral terms. Alternatively, or if these cannot be found, I try to use the female and male language forms as pair formulas, which are connected with an "and" or "or". The slash for the abbreviation of the pair formula (e.g. employees) slips through here and there, but is avoided in continuous text. Otherwise I use the so-called "generic masculine", which pretends to be allowed to write as follows: "For reasons of better readability, the simultaneous use of feminine and masculine language forms is avoided in the following and the generic masculine is used. All references to persons apply equally to both genders"

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