...take heed now, henchmen...

Veilchen-Dienstag — Schergen in F(r)eierlaune

Dear Ms. Schlüter,
Thank you very much for your valuable summons for the 4.3.
(Violet Tuesday), which has inspired me to respond:

At Carnival, the principle is,
I enjoy immunity
And that's not by chance
now pay attention, investigator bitch
Experiences that I have painstakingly
collected, are hiding here


All those beautiful ladies.
No matter what I promised.
then at the latest on Ash Wednesday
I just broke that


And were you going to question me
to burglary, theft or murder
In those Rhenish good days
There wouldn't be a word of truth


Long story short
I can't make the appointment, lady.


So I'm in on Violet Tuesday
At the carnival and I'm swaying
And you, fraud investigators
keeps on groping in the dark

(TÄTÄ TÄTÄ TÄTÄ & rocket stage 1-3)

With Rhineland greetings
Jörg Tietz

stop, mothafucka!

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