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Fermentation and consumption in an overall business context


When we look back today on the meandering, partly confused, even contradictory history of our family combine VEB Ungelsheim, we are quickly inclined to forget that the original goal, the root of all our entrepreneurial efforts, was the foundation of a business for the purpose of producing and marketing alcoholic beverages.

▸ district doubts

But when the lady, that was in charge of our business registration at the district office Duisburg South, started to flap her ears at the word alcohol in such a way that we got a spinning worm just by looking at it, we decided to change the whole thing into "something with internet trade and so on".

Brewing and boozing

The production of one's own beer, in order to drink it oneself, is, first of all, an economically completely senseless undertaking. Whoever wants to drink cheaply should put a crate of Oettinger in the cellar. Or even five. But if you drink a lot of cheap beer, you might end up paying dearly for it.

▸a little math / savour in moderation

This is because if we include social costs in the total cost calculation (i.e. the methodological TCO evaluation), like (list may not be complete):

  • the loss of the job
  • that of the life partner
  • resulting homelessness
  • supervised living
  • etc.

...then we may calculate that the umpteenth grabbing the bottle will not feel good at some point and will not be worth it anymore. Within the scope of a trivial marginal cost consideration we could finally prove, that even on a good morning we are not allowed to drink more than four bottles of 0.5 (♂), respectively 0.33 (♀) liters.

▸smart / boost your margin and income

As inconvenient as it may seem to brew for one's own needs, the hurdles to do so for others are just as high. In simple terms: you must not do that. However, we are very, very clever and simply sell the drinks to the people on the side and secretly. This not only saves distances and the the tedious completion of numerous forms and applications, but also loads of taxes. At the end of the day, it's like always: You must not get caught.

Besides, during the phases of repentance and tax honesty we use the instrument of the "touring brewery". Because if you lack the capacity and/or facilities to face an officially appointed hygiene inspector with a clear conscience, you can simply have your brewing done elsewhere. It is true that a rather significant share of the value-added chain is cut back here, but this can be easily compensated , especially in times of craft beer fantasy pricing.

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